So, it turns out that you have to be REALLY organized to keep track of all the money you spend on your classroom.

Which I'm not.

There are just too many things - small and large - that I buy for the classroom each week, from fish food to prizes, to dvds, to keep track of. 

Maybe next year.
Snacks for my Magnet to use, practicing their chopstick skills:

Utz Pub Mix - $5.48

Great Value Tropical Trail Mix - $4.98

Also a twin-pack of ink cartridges for my printer - $26.98

Subtotal - $37.44

Subtotal (year so far) - $477.76

From the Swap Shop at my town dump:

Total cost to me - $0.00

Subtotal (year so far) - $440.32
The Dollar Section at Target had some good stuff yesterday:
  • Plastic animals
  • Finger puppets
  • A fairy wand
  • Bug-eyed stress balls

15 items for $13.00

Subtotal (year so far) - $440.32

Six new foods for a Tasting this week, plus a jar of Nutella-like paste for an upcoming peanut butter tasting:
  • Tuzlu Kurabiye (Turkish Cookies)
  • Soğuk İçiniz ( hot, fermented carrot juice)
  • Extra Hot Hot Mix (Indian snack food)
  • Pickled Shanklesh (Lebanese pickled yogurt balls)
  • Peda (Indian sweet)
  • Stuffed Peppers from Turkey
Subtotal - $29.23

Subtotal (year so far) - $427.32
8 1-inch Paint Brushes @ $1.00 each = $8.00

Subtotal (year so far) - $398.09

If you have brothers or sisters, your mother probably did this:

"Okay, Timmy - you can slice this delectable slab of delicious snack cake in half, but Trixie gets to pick which half she gets."

If you were like every child ever born, you probably cut the snack cake in half with a fairness and precision that would intimidate a Hasidic diamond merchant.

I use this demonstration to illustrate the system of checks and balances on which our government is based. The Founding Fathers knew better than to trust people to act against their interest for Society's greater good, so they arranged the Constitution in such a way that it is impossible to do ANYTHING on a national level without two or more branches of government working in concert - for their own reasons.

Anyway, my 8th graders like this lesson, because they get to eat snack cakes.

Three snack cakes @ $1.79 = $5.37

Subtotal (year so far) - $390.09
A lesson learned.

NEVER count on the neatness of twelve year-olds, when making something out of papier-mâché.

For Day Two of the Make Your Own Globe Project:

Ten shower curtain liners @ $1.00 = $10.00

Also, prizes for the Prize Bucket.

Five plaster figurines @$1.00 = $5.00

SubTotal at the Dollar Store = $15.00

Subtotal (year so far) - $384.72

State testing is coming up in a couple of weeks. At a grade-level meeting yesterday we all agreed to play low-volume Baroque music during the testing to help our students concentrate.

After making several poorly received puns (may favorite was "Baroque-Back Mountain"), I was told to shut up and just play the music, already.

So I downloaded this from iTunes.

Baroque! by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and Folger Consort - $9.99 on iTunes

Subtotal (year so far) - $369.72
Another item for my Magnet's upcoming peanut butter tasting.

Nutella - $3.18

Subtotal (year so far) - $359.73