I've been preparing a presentation I'll be making a a couple of conferences over the next month or so. I'll be demonstrating a variety of free, online applications for teachers. Unfortunately, neither of the venues for the two conferences can guarantee internet access, so I've been making up a PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates step-by-step use of the applications - just in case.

That involves a lot of screen captures (about 150 of them).

SnapNDrag for the Mac has made this process ever so much easier.


Just choose the SnapNDrag icon from the menu at the bottom of your screen, select the image you want...


... and then drag it wherever you need it to be - iPhoto, a photo editor, etc...

Did I mention that it's free?

Tamra Lanning
2/28/2010 06:17:30

I had not heard about this tool before. I'm getting it now! Thanks!

2/28/2010 19:46:25

It sounds excellent. I am a Mac convert and love anything to do with graphics. Win-win!

3/2/2010 06:21:14

Downloading now :o) Thanks, had not heard of snap and drag. I currently use Skitch (also free) and it works very similarly.


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