As my students and I work our way through our Destiny & Diarrhea project, we keep coming up with medical terms from the mid-late 19th Century that have us a bit flummoxed.

Imagine my excitement when I found this website.

I was working in the Library with my guys when I found it. I admit it; I actually "Woo-Hoo"ed. My students looked over at me. I explained that I'd just found a website that explains some of these old medical terms.

"Quick - give me one," I said.

"This says that my guy is 'ruptured'," one boy shot back. "What does THAT mean?"

I plugged it into the search feature on the webpage.

"YES! Your guy has a HERNIA!!!" I said, WAY too excitedly.

This elicited a tremendous positive response from my students. It may be my imagination, but I think two of them may even have high-fived each other.

Then, after a moment of silence...

"Um... What's a hernia?"