A few months ago, I stumbled onto a post on Flickr's blog that discussed how one Flickr member had created a set of pictures to give step-by-step directions on how to make cupcakes that look remarkably like cheeseburgers

My son and I finally tried this step-by-step, how-to project ourselves this weekend, as we made home-made crayons.

It was pretty straight-forward:

1)  Take a picture of each step of the process.

2)  Upload the pictures to your computer. (I just removed the memory card from the camera and plugged it into the slot on the side of my laptop.)

3)  Ditch the bad pictures

4)  Upload the good photos to Flickr

5)  When it comes time to give a title and a comment to each photo, make the title the actual direction you want the reader to follow, with a more detailed explanation in the comment section.

6)  While you're at it, create a new set for these pictures.

7)  After that, it's just a matter of playing around with your new set and arranging it the way you want it.

8)  Go draw a picture with your new crayons. (Or eat your cheeseburger cupcakes, or defuse your bomb, or whatever you've been step-by-stepping...)