So, just for the sake of argument, let's say you are an enormous, enormous nerd. And further, that you are listening to a story in a podcast about the work crews who install wooden water tanks on rooftops in New York City.

And - hypothetically speaking - let's say you realized you could use that segment of the podcast next Spring in one of your lessons about the New York City water system.

Would there be an easy, elegant way to save just that small bit of the podcast?

As it turns out, there would.

Every now and then, I discover some fantastic song or podcast that I would like to share in a blog post or on Twitter or Facebook. I've always wondered how to do that.

I just figured it out. (Because it's very simple and because I'm whatever the opposite of gifted is, this took me several years.)

Here's how:
1.  Look up the song or podcast on the iTunes Store.

2.  Look for a little down-arrow-triangle symbol to the right of the listing for the song. Click on that.

3.  A menu will pop up with several choices. Choose the one that best suits your purpose. If you just need the link to paste into a blog post, for instance, choose "Copy Link".

4.  Paste your new link into your blog post, or email or Tweet or Facebook-thingee.

5.  Stand in front of a mirror for a few minutes, practicing your look of competent insouciance in preparation for all the praise you'll get from impressed friends and co-workers.