I'll write a more complete post about my ongoing Build Your Own Globe project with my 7th graders soon, but I wanted to share this picture.

I was away from school for a day for a workshop on Tuesday and I left my substitute teacher in charge of supervising the painting phase of the project. Most of the globes are looking really good, but there's always that one...

I thought I'd post a picture of it here with some sort of fondly snarky title, like, "One of These Things Is Not Like the Others..." and I wouldn't have felt too bad about it, because apparently this one crumpled globe was the result of some genuine knuckle-headedness on the part of one of my 7th grade boys.

But then, yesterday, he came into class with a plan for how to fix his globe, using a ruler and a lot of scrap paper to stuff it with. He plans to patch it with masking tape and paint over the patch. Here's what it looks like right now:

Full props to Boris (not his real name). I suppose there's some value to feeling bad about messing something up, but finding a way to make good on a problem is a life skill that you can be very proud of.

Well done.