This Isn't Actually About Technology or Education, But in the End, It Is... Sort Of...

Earlier this week, I ended up in a meeting with some extremely grumpy teachers.

Really grumpy.

No, seriously. I was the dewy-eyed optimist in the room, and if you know me, you know that's just wrong. This was a seriously soul-crushed group of teachers.

I came out of the meeting unexpectedly upbeat and positive. I like my school. I like my students. I like my administration. I like what I do for a living.

On the other hand, Little Darling, it HAS been a long, cold and lonely Winter...

So, what's my point? (And more to the point, what's up with this picture of... um... penguin jam???)

My point is:

1) Go to a Lebanese market or go online and buy a jar of rose petal jam. 

2) Make yourself some toast or a peanut butter sandwich. 

3) Put the jam on it. 

4) Eat it.

     A) It will taste very, very good.

     B) If you close your eyes, you will be in Paris/Istanbul/Aleppo.

     C) The world will be less grey and muddy.

Trust me on this.