As I look over the previous post, I'm a bit appalled by how long it is.

Let me give you a quick synopsis of what it says, then you can decide whether it is worth investing the two or three months it might take you to read the longer post:

1) I'm doing a project with my 8th grade American History classes.

2) We're looking through primary source documents of Civil War soldiers from our town who applied for pensions after the War.

3) The students will go in front of a "Pension Board" made up of community members to argue the case for "their" soldiers to get a pension.

4) Some of the injuries incurred by these guys were truly disturbing.

Thank you for your patience. Now back to the Olympics.

(Or, in my case, an Ace of Cakes marathon I have saved on TiVo.)
2/15/2010 21:08:50

A truly authentic learning experience! I look forward to hearing about the progress and outcome.


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