Podcasts are basically radio shows that are broadcast over the internet instead of on the airwaves. Because it has become relatively cheap and easy to produce radio content on a home computer, hundreds or even thousands of special interest shows are available for download through a website or on iTunes.

If you own an iPod, you already know what iTunes is - a way of buying, organizing and downloading music for your mp3 player. It is also a way of downloading podcasts. You do NOT have to have an iPod to download and use iTunes.

Click here to download it.

One easy way to find interesting podcasts is to search through the iTunes Store.

Here are some podcasts that I have found useful:

Jumping Monkeys - a show about parenting in the digital age

Hmmmm... Krulwich on Science - interesting science stories from NPR

This I Believe - short audio essays by various Americans about what is most important to them

StoryCorps - short audio memoirs by average Americans with interesting stories to tell about their lives

Play around with podcasts for awhile and see if you find something that floats your boat.

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