Over the past few months, I've recorded several interviews and news stories from the various podcasts that I listen to. They are too big to post on Homeworknow.com or to email to collegues, so I've uploaded them to Mediafire, an online file-hosting website. Click on any of the links below to download a radio story that will thrill and amaze you.

Why Kids Lie - An interview from the Jumping Monkeys webcast. This is an interview with Ashley Merryman, a writer who has been studying the scientific literature about children and honesty (or lack of it).

Kids and Sleep - Another interview from Jumping Monkeys with the same author about the scientific research into the effect of sleep deprivation on children and young adults.

Archivest Alison - Yet another Jumping Monkeys interview, this time with an archivist with some ideas about the best ways to save your important documents. IS the refrigerator the best place to save your kids' art?

The Rubber Room - A startling story, originally from This American Life about the fate of teachers in the New York City School District facing disciplinary action.

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