A recruiting poster for my advisory group - The Food Magnet.

I don't have a cute story behind this REALLY fun new toy; it's just cool.
The movie poster tool at BigHugeLabs.com lets you create extremely realistic, very cool movie posters. You can upload your own photo or use one from your favorite photo-sharing site. You can add any credits you want, select a rating and even add a release date.

When you think you're done, you can look at the finished poster, then go back and edit it to tweak it until it looks just the way you want it to. When you really are done, you can save your image to your hard drive or purchase a large, professionally printed copy for yourself.

I've been playing with this for the past couple of days and I'm having WAY too much fun with it.

Here are some other movie posters I've made over the past day or two:

This is a recruiting poster for the Technology Magnet.

This is a recruiting poster for the Yearbook Magnet.

One of my Kindergarten colleagues asked for a poster to welcome her students to her classroom.

To make your own poster, go to: http://bighugelabs.com/poster.php

7/28/2009 10:25:22

The kindergarten one is adorable ... and also a heartwrenching reminder that my baby is going to FIRST GRADE. Sniffle.

Also, you may need to remove that minivan nonsense from my yearbook poster. I crashed mine 3 weeks ago, and tomorrow I pick up my new (to me) Honda Pilot! No more minivan mama. Woot!

7/29/2009 15:08:08

Oh, my wheels are spinning on a way to implement the movie posters in my classroom.


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