I still live an hour from school. (Okay, that's ten hours per week...)

Plus, I've been really good about walking almost every day. (So, that's an hour to an hour and a half each day - let's say six hours per week...)

And on Saturday and Sunday, I try to get out for a REALLY long walk. (Ten miles generally takes me three hours, so let's add another six hours to the total...)

So, by my (admittedly untrustworthy) calculations, I listen to my iPod for twenty-two hours each week, assuming that I don't mow the lawn or anything. (Which, as I look out the window at my lawn, seems to be a safe assumption.)

And that brings me to a somewhat embarrassing confession:

I'm not a music guy.

I mean, it's not as if I dislike music or anything. I've got a pretty good collection of Jazz and Old Guy Rock on my iPod and I do have an abiding loyalty to Tom Waits and Otis Lee Crenshaw, but to just have music on in the background as I walk or drive is to invite an inconvenient mid-highway nap or a pre-dawn moose-stumbling-into.

So I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks.

Mostly podcasts.

Because I'm cheap.

And have a short attention-span.

And um.... uh... something.

Anyway, here are some of the podcasts I've started listening to since I posted last year's list:


Ancient Rome Refocused

This is a podcast by an enthusiastic amateur. He has a lot to say about Ancient Rome. Since I'm teaching Roman History for the first time this year, I'm finding this pretty useful stuff.

(Especially the link to this scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian.)


BackStory with the American History Guys

Three very knowledgeable historians discuss the geekier side of American History in remarkable detail.


Crash Course in Islam

Useful information on a timely subject.


Dr. Kiki's Science Hour

Once a week, this podcast spends a full hour going into real depth about a science topic. Granted, the episodes about theoretical physics or gene replication are a bit beyond me, but the ones on good science writing and myth-debunking make me very happy.

(I'm more nerdy than I might wish.)



A new incarnation of GeekBrief.

Still geeky.

Still useful.

She is still cute and still talks way too fast.


A History of the World in 100 Objects

An intellectually challenging, fascinating, almost hypnotic podcast that makes you think about the objects around you in a historic context. What would that box of Kleenex on your desk say about you to future generations - practically and symbolically?


Mike Rowe Works

The host of Dirty Jobs posts very occasional essays on work and family that are really good.

No, seriously - REALLY good. His memory of his father's dysfunctional relationship with a picnic table may be my all-time favorite podcast.


The Nerdist Podcast

Often incomprehensible, always self-indulgent and never safe for work, this podcast which interviews nerdy celebrities is very, VERY good when it's on its game.

Particularly recommended - the interviews with Drew Carey and Adam Savage.


The Sporkful

Two food enthusiasts debate the minutia of everyday food with way more intensity than you'd think Pop Tarts or breakfast cereal require.


And Finally, Two Cooking Podcasts 
(You knew THAT was coming, didn't you?)

You're Doing It All Wrong - by the staff at Chow.com, this video podcast explains how to debug problem dishes that you (okay I) always mess up.

NYTimes The Minimalist - Food writer Marc Bittman demonstrates easy, delicious-looking foods that don't involve a lot of fuss.

Coming Soon - AudioBooks that I enjoy a great deal.

10/3/2010 11:12:15 pm

I love this post, espeically the way your voice comes through. I have never listened to a podcast but want to try some of the ones you listed and will definitely pass on some to my colleagues who teach science and history.

10/4/2010 05:38:14 am

I have trouble with catching podcasts because I spend virtually NO time in the car. My commute is 2 min. Less if I don't stop in the kitchen :) And it has been short for the last 7 years (lucky me). I consume content and read all day long so when I go on a walk I usually want to do it in silence so I can just think. I need to make more time for podcasts, these look really great!


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