Because my school (a very good one, by the way) has been classified as a School In Need of Restructuring, each teacher in my school is required to post which State standards he or she is meeting in his or her classroom each day.

These boards will allow me to post a schedule of what I will be teaching in my classroom each week and what standards those lessons will address. 

I already attach a message board to the door of my classroom, to let students know what they will need to bring to class. I'll use these whiteboards to do the same thing for the class schedules and State Standards. I already have some magnetic strips that I bought a couple of years ago for another project, so I'll glue them to the backs of the whiteboards, so I can pop them on and off my metal door.

Mini-Whiteboards from the dollar bin at Target - 2 @ $1.00 = $2.00

KrazyGlue - $1.99
Subtotal (year so far) - $122.57