I have a eBay alert me when an item comes up for sale having to do with Deerfield, New Hampshire - the town where I teach. I used to be able to pick up vintage postcards of the town pretty cheaply, but as dealers and collectors have started to realize how awesome these things are, the price has gone up considerably.

So when one becomes available for a reasonable price - ESPECIALLY if it actually contains a message - I pick it up for potential, if unspecified later use in my classroom.

Front Message: "Deerfield Center, NH"

Rear: To: Miss Ruth Doe, #344 Park St., Dorchester, Mass.

"How do you like my pets? Just a flurry of snow on the ground to remind us of winter. Nov. 24th. - H.C.M.

Vintage Post Card, purchased on eBay - $9.24, including shipping
Subtotal (year so far) - $264.06

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