Our 8th grade advisories are called "magnets".

I advise the Food Magnet.

Here is a video of a day we spent at the beach last week, building a sand sculpture to symbolize our magnet:

We've got a really good group this year.
I'm struck by the general reaction to ginger beer, which people either loved or hated.
My students and I rate look at, smell, etc... each food, then taste it and discuss it before assigning it a score. 1 = "I wouldn't eat this with YOUR mouth!" 10 = "I would run over my grandmother in a parking lot to get more of this!"
A recruiting poster for my advisory group - The Food Magnet.

I don't have a cute story behind this REALLY fun new toy; it's just cool.
The movie poster tool at BigHugeLabs.com lets you create extremely realistic, very cool movie posters. You can upload your own photo or use one from your favorite photo-sharing site. You can add any credits you want, select a rating and even add a release date.

When you think you're done, you can look at the finished poster, then go back and edit it to tweak it until it looks just the way you want it to. When you really are done, you can save your image to your hard drive or purchase a large, professionally printed copy for yourself.

I've been playing with this for the past couple of days and I'm having WAY too much fun with it.

Here are some other movie posters I've made over the past day or two:

This is a recruiting poster for the Technology Magnet.

This is a recruiting poster for the Yearbook Magnet.

One of my Kindergarten colleagues asked for a poster to welcome her students to her classroom.

To make your own poster, go to: http://bighugelabs.com/poster.php


For the past three years, my advisory group, the Food Magnet, has sponsored a competition among the other 8th grade magnets in our school. It is based on the television reality show Top Chef and is called the "Slow Fire" Challenge.

On the tv show, in each episode, the contestants are provided with a set of odd ingredients or outragious conditions and are given half an hour to come up with a dish to present to a guest judge. The winner of this "Quickfire" round gets advantages that help him or her later on in the show.

We give the other magnets a week or so to come up with their dishes, so we call our competition a "Slow Fire".

Our rules are simple - create a dish using ingredients we choose and present it to the Food Magnet for judging. After a LOT of deliberation, my magnet decided that this year's ingredients would be chili peppers and some sort of fruit.

We judge each dish according to the Iron Chef criteria:

Each judge can award up to 10 points per dish for its flavor, 1-5 points for its appearance and 1-5 points for its originality and use of the theme ingredients. This year, there were eight students judging and they asked me to judge the dishes as well, so each dish could earn up to 180 points.

Here are the results:




The Food Magnet is proud of the competition and the other 8th graders are proud of the dishes they produced. Feel free to leave comments for them here or on VoiceThreads.