Every now and then, I discover some fantastic song or podcast that I would like to share in a blog post or on Twitter or Facebook. I've always wondered how to do that.

I just figured it out. (Because it's very simple and because I'm whatever the opposite of gifted is, this took me several years.)

Here's how:
1.  Look up the song or podcast on the iTunes Store.

2.  Look for a little down-arrow-triangle symbol to the right of the listing for the song. Click on that.

3.  A menu will pop up with several choices. Choose the one that best suits your purpose. If you just need the link to paste into a blog post, for instance, choose "Copy Link".

4.  Paste your new link into your blog post, or email or Tweet or Facebook-thingee.

5.  Stand in front of a mirror for a few minutes, practicing your look of competent insouciance in preparation for all the praise you'll get from impressed friends and co-workers.

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