The idea behind SpikeTV's "Deadliest Warrior" series is this: if two warriors from very different cultures and time periods, who would never, ever have met in real life, actually DID meet and didn't get along, who would win in a fight?

Yes, it's a silly premise. No, the show isn't terribly accurate. But Boy,Howdy; is it engaging for a restless group of 7th graders!

As part of our Roman History unit, we watched two episodes of this series: "Centurion vrs Rajput" and "Gladiator vrs Apache". Say what you will about the show (and frankly, you could find a lot of faults with it if you were cynical and jaded and had no childlike joy in your cold, stone-like heart), but it generated a lot of discussion in my students.

It also left them with a bunch of questions and comments for the producers of the show.

To whit:

Now, does anyone know how to contact the producers?

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